Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to #3: Life Troll

As requested, i have posted this guide on how to get a life troll:

You will need to have gotten up to the last krokotopian dungeon, or have a friend get you inside.

Once you're in, you will need to face a total of 3 bosses before Krokopatra, who drops the pet.

1. Tempestra: Death ghost boss with 600 hp.

2. Soulsapper: Death krokomummy boss with 750 hp

3. Son of Storms: Storm krok with 750 hp

After you defeat these three, take the portal to the gatekeeper. Now, you will be placed into a series of puzzles. Read each book and solve each puzzle. ( update on puzzle info coming soon)

Return to the gatekeeper. He will now permit you to go to the lower floor, where Krokopatra resides.

Take the portal, and locate Krokopatra.

Krokopatra is a rank 5 boss, which means she will be pretty tough to players under lvl 22. She has 1,200 hp, and is accompanied by a storm minion with 525 health. Good luck and happy farming!


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